Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple -Famous Temple of Delhi

Counted among the world’s wondrous homes of worship, Akshardham Temple in national capital showcases the mix of technical up-to-dateness with ancient subject designs. Covering a region of over eight,000 sq. meters, the grandeur, and knowledge of the temple are best once skilled.

Key Attractions:


Made of pink stones and white marble, the most time was designed while not the utilization of steel. adorned with domes, etched pillars and twenty,000 murtis (statues), it's merely divine.

Hall of Values (Sahajanand Pradarshan):

The audio-animatronics show conveys the messages of knowledge and also the true which means of living life by active – religious doctrine or non-violence, diet, morality, and harmony. every sculpture seems therefore real.

Giant Screen Film (Neelkanth Yatra): 

The film revolves around a baby yogi, Neelkanth Varni. The screen is over six stories high.

Boat Ride (Sanskruti Vihar):

 One mustn't miss the boat ride once in Akshardham. This twelve-minute ride is going to be sort of a ride into ten,000 years of India’s heritage. From religious writing life to Takshashila ANd an era of ancient discoveries – you’ll get expertise it all.

Musical Fountains (Yagnapurush Kund): 

The musical fountain show is command within the evening and showcases the mutuality between God, nature, and man. It is a rare experience!

famous temple delhi

Garden of Asian nation (Bharat Upvan): 

Manicured lawns and gardens with bronze statues add on to the charm of the whole complicated. Yogihriday Kamal may be a special lotus that reflects auspicious sentiments.

Abhishek Mandap: 

Water is poured on to the idol of Neelkanth Varni that is followed by singing and prayers. guests also are allowed to perform the abhisheka of the idol.

The Sahaj Anand Water Show: 

The breath-taking shows run twenty-four minutes and depict through numerous intriguing media to indicate the story from the Kena sacred writing. Multi-color lasers, underwater flames, video projections and water jets build the show charming.

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