Why Every Household Should Have a Horse Shoe

Importance of Black horseshoe as per Vaastu

The horseshoe is taken into account terribly lucky and accustomed be decorated in several homes to shield and attract chance for the family residing within.


But contradictions galore in this space too, for ex; several believe that to hold it with the ends inform upwards smart|is sweet|is nice} luck because it acts as a storage instrumentality of kinds for any good luck that happens to be floating by, whereas to hold it with the ends inform down, is dangerous luck as all the great luck can fall out.

How to place a horseshoe:

Hang a second user Horseshoe as shown within the image concomitant on the most door frame of your house for luck and prosperity. it's a time-tested spell to welcome sensible luck and charm.

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How to use the Lucky Horse- Shoe

Put the Horseshoe during a black textile and place it in your depot, wherever you store your grains, the unit can ne'er be at loss for grains and food ever. do that on a Saturday.


Suspected witches, UN agency was tried and buried upon their deaths had horseshoes nailed to their coffins to forestall them from returning to life or resurrecting once more as witches.

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