Dhan Prapti ke upay | Laxmi Prapti ke totke

Dhan Prapti Ke Upay

All the personalities want to possess voluminous wealth. so as to be richer, one must dream huge and ignite the fireplace within. Moreover, just in case you wish to accumulate plenty of cash then you wish to dream, dream and mull over it. By following the tried ways that, and “the Trinity of God” square measure idolized.

The Lord Hindu deity is meant to be our Preserver. The act of attending lord Hindu deity pleases Maa Laxmi too and he or she blesses with voluminous love.

Put the massive image of Maa Laxmi and Lord Hindu deity in your house. you wish to worship Shaligram daily religiously in conjunction with Chandan

Offer Red colored Rose to Hindu deity and Laxmi on each Friday evening.

Burn a none stop material Lamp for eleven days perpetually. On the eleventh day, invite and decision eleven younger feminine youngsters.

                                  Dhan Prapti ke Upay in Hindi

On each Friday, stand south facing; wash the Hindu deity idol with the assistance of the water within the Shankh, post laundry Hindu deity Idol, fold your hands and tell all of your prayers and keep reciting them for a minimum of seven times. If you'll be able to recite the prayers in conjunction with the name of the Lord Hindu deity 108 times or as again and again the maximum amount you'll be able to.

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