How was Lord Shiva Born? What is the Secret of Shiva's Birth?

As per Hindu folklore, Shiva, the destroyer discovers more noticeable quality than Brahma, the maker, and Vishnu, the defender. This is the motivation behind why Lord Shiva is the most revered God in the Holy Trinity. Be that as it may, did you know the introduction of Shiva was because of the other two mainstays of the Holy Trinity – Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu? 

So How was Lord Shiva Born? 

Shiva is frequently tended to as 'Sayambhu' which implies that he wasn't conceived from any lady. Since he is a definitive one and isn't conceived from the womb of a lady, the inquiry is the means by which was he conceived at that point. All things considered, there's an intriguing story behind it. 

Once, the two Gods – Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were contending about each other's amazingness. Amid their warmed verbal confrontation, a secretive strong column showed up all of a sudden before them. Notwithstanding, the column was so long and strong that both could see neither the base of the column nor the peak. Together they pondered what might it be able to be as it arrived in a way that tested their amazingness 

Their exchange over each other's amazingness stifled as they began thinking about whether there is a third element too which is more effective than them. So as to discover reality, both, chose to take a voyage – Lord Brahma changed into Goose and took his flight towards the sky while Lord Vishnu appeared as a pig and began delving into the earth to discover the base of the column.

This entire exercise took years and neither of the two could prevail in their endeavor. Feeling lowered, they both returned to where they began just to discover Lord Shiva rising in a shape that they could get it. Indeed, the bigger column which neither of the two Gods could comprehend was one type of Lord Shiva before he rose in a frame that anybody could get it. 

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Both, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu comprehended that Shiva's presence and astronomical forces were outside their ability to grasp and no uncertainty he is the most capable out of the three. This is the means by which Lord Shiva began and appeared.

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