shani shanti

shani shanti
According to religious beliefs, Shani has been given the post of a judge in astrology. It is believed that Shani Dev gives the result of every good and bad act of man. Therefore, when the condition of Saturn starts, or good day, the good or bad days of the person begin and those who have actions like that have to suffer the same fate.
But if Shani is pleased, all the miseries of the person are dispelled and his good times start. Therefore, today we are going to tell you some such solutions which Shani Dev is pleased with. These measures can be done on any Saturday.

On Saturday, take a bath and wear clean white clothes. After this, mix saffron, sandalwood, rice and flowers in the root of Peepal. After that light the lamp of sesame oil and chant the following shani shanti   mantra.

Mantra: Age: Prajna Dhanan Grains Good luck to Sarasampandam

Devi Dev Mahavrkhand surrenders as follows:

Vishwai Vishweshwaraya Vishvapayee Vishvataye Govindai Namo Namah:

After this, Peepal's sunglasses, lighting the lamp and lighting the aarti. Add the remaining water to the house and sprinkle it too. With this remedy, Shani is happy, along with all the negative powers of the house also run away.

shani shanti ke upay
On Friday night, soak 100 grams of black gram in three different utensils. In the next morning, after retiring from Bath-meditation, worshiping Shani Dev. After this, take a glance in the mustard oil of black gram and enjoy Shani Dev and pray for redress of your problems. Now feeding the first kilogram of the first pot of rice to the buffalo. Donate to other leftover kilo-gram leprosy and feed the other five kilograms of chickpeas with the third pot. With this remedy, Shani shanti is pleased immediately and luck becomes favorable.

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