Hartalika Teej – A Woman Special Fasting Festival

The Teej festival is an important festival for married women, and much-anticipated monsoon festival. It commemorates the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati after she paid a penance of 100 years separation. The invocation of Parvati's blessing during the festival is believed to bring about continued marital bliss.
In the literal sense, the word “Teej” refers to “three”. Teej falls on the third day once a full and a replacement moon night. The vital days of Teej are- Haryali, Kajari, and Hartalika. Hartalika Teej is widely known within the Northern a part of India primarily within the states of the province, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. The third day of the primary period of time of the month of Bhadra, that is that the amount of August-September as per the lunisolar calendar is widely known because of the Hartalika Teej. it's largely celebrated every day before the competition of Ganesa Chaturthi.
Hartalika Teej
The significance of Hartalika Teej
Women- each previous and young observe a quick on this present day and worship god Hindu deity. This quick is ‘nirjal’, that is, it's determined while not drinking one drop of “jal” or water. Such hardship is undergone by the ladies within the belief that observation of such a quick would lead to the prolonged healthy lifetime of their husband and a blessed sturdy wedding like that of Shiva and Hindu deity. whereas married ladies pray for this, single ladies quick within the hope of obtaining an honest husband like Lord Shiva. it's additionally same that ladies World Health Organization quick on this present day attend heaven once their death.
The legend behind Hartalika Teej
As per legend, this present day is in celebration of the union ceremony of Lord Shiva and his married person, god Hindu deity. whereas she was in deep love with him, he was unaware of her existence. She fasted and idolized for many years strictly within the mountain chain so as to impress him. Her efforts were noticed and devotion appreciated. Shiva completed the extent of her love and married her. it's believed that the god took 100 and eight births solely to reunite with Shiva. thus on this present day, Associate in Nursing idol of the god is clad in bright, lovely colors and a procession is distributed which has the idol sitting in an exceeding palankeen. Some devotees additionally worship the idol of Lord Shiva. The idols area unit typically created out of a mix of sand and clay. In some states like Rajasthan, this procession includes animals like elephants and camels.
Hartalika Teej
During the Hartalika Teej prayer, sweets, rice in turmeric powder and flowers together with coins area unit place fourth as holy offerings. The holy Katha is narrated by all the ladies or one priest. throughout this narration, all the ladies focus their thoughts on the well being of their husband- their soul-mate. with the exception of the prayers, ladies place special stress on ‘shringar’ or make-up. they struggle their utmost best to appear lovely by sporting new garments, sporting jewelry and adorning themselves with bangles and mehendi on their hands. They additionally wear a 'bindi' on their forehead. The idol of Hindu deity is wearing the same manner. The quick is broken typically once the lady features a tub and completes her prayers in the evening.
This follows marks the conclusion of this sacred occasion, that is practiced whole-heartedly in India.

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