Healthy Foods You Can Eat During Fasting

Fasting may be a common observation in the Republic of India. alongside Vasant and Sharad Navratri, there are several alternative festivals and holy days like avatar Janmashtami, Shivratri, Ekadashi, etc once individuals keep fasts. For these special days, individuals eat sendha namak/rock salt rather than regular salt. individuals don't eat any lentils, rice or wheat, spices etc...Usually, individuals eat fruits, dry fruits, milk yogurt and a few specific vegetables. in numerous elements of the Republic of India varied quite delicacies are created for of late.

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There is a spread of things ingested on abstinence days like singhara, kutu, potatoes, sabudana, fruits etc.

Sendha Namak- Sendha namak is additionally known as common salt. whereas regular table salt/sea salt comes from the ocean, sendha namak comes from mountain rocks and there's typically very little chemical treatment. Sendha namak is employed for fasts due to its purity. This salt quantity} salty than the regular one and has less amount of atomic number 11 and it's not halogen either.

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