Remedies To Get Rid Of Evil Eye

Nazar Utarna

Getting affected by evil eyes (nazar Utarne Ke Upay ) is quite common in many cultures. 'Evil eye' usually refers to a magical glance which may or may not be intentional. It is believed that if you are affected by the evil eye of a person out of jealousy or extreme admiration, you may fall sick or something really bad may happen to you. Though, these beliefs can be called superstitions yet, many religions recognise it's bad effects on people.

The spell cast on a person by an 'evil eye' is said to have the ability to injure, cause physical and mental imbalances in the person affected. In most cases casting an evil eye is unintentional. For example, on seeing a cute baby people tend to unknowingly cast an evil eye and then the baby suffers from illness later on. But in other cases, an evil eye may be cast intentionally to ruin a person's life or property. People who put these spells intentionally on others are usually born on specific days and possess strong magnetic power. The worst part is that they are aware of these powers and make use of it to make others suffer. So, today we will tell you how you can recognize an evil eye and remedies that you can try to get rid of it.

How To Recognize Evil Eye 

To find out whether you have been affected by an evil eye, there are a few ways which are tried out: A drop of oil is put into a glass of water and a chant is recited. 

If the oil does not dissolve, it means you have been affected by an evil eye. 

Another way is to burn a wick on a metal spoon. A cotton wick is dipped in oil and lighted on a metal spoon. Then with the help of tongs the wick is removed from the spoon and turned upside down. The level of the fire determines how badly you have been affected by an evil eye. If the fire has high flames it means you have been affected. 

Remedies For Evil Eye -Nazar Utarne Ke upay

If any of your family members is suddenly suffering from a chronic illness and you doubt that it is because someone cast an evil eye, then try the following: Take sea water in a bottle. Distill it using a cloth. Mix cow's urine in a small proportion to this and store the water. Keep this in a bottle and spray this inside all the rooms of the house on Tuesday, Friday, full moon day and a new moon day. The one who is affected will be cured. 

If you are going through a rough patch in your business, it may be the effect of an evil eye. So, try this remedy. Place a lemon on a glass full of water. Make sure that the glass is a transparent one. Keep the glass in a place where it is visible to everyone. Change the water of the glass everyday. On every Saturday, replace the lemon with a new one. The evil eye cast by your competitors will soon be removed.

Sometimes, children suffer from sudden stomach ache. In most cases they suffer from the effects of an evil eye. If you are facing such a situation then try this: Take a small amount of sand and mix it with mustard. Then gently put this mixture on your child's stomach. Keep for sometime. Then remove the mixture which is applied on the stomach and put it in the fire. It will effectively remove the evil.

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