shani dev ko khush karne ke upay

Today is Saturday, i.e. the day of worshiping shani dev ko khush karne ke upay  It is believed that Shani Dev gives the result of every good and bad act of human being. All of you will have heard that if Shane is angry at someone, then the person can have troubles in many ways. That is why people are very scared of Shani Dev and they like to find ways to make them happy. But only if Shani is happy with anyone, then that person gets success in every field. In the horoscope of a person's horoscope, it becomes a hindrance in his success.

 That is why today we are going to tell you some remedies, who make Saturn happy and give the fruits of desire. This measure should be done on Saturday

 1. Combine flour and sugars with black sesame on every Saturday and leave them to eat ants.

 2. If a person is not getting Satya Dev's grace, then make a ring from the black horse's cord or the boat of the boat and hold it in the middle finger on Saturday during sunset.

 3. If you want to chant his name 108 times for getting freedom from Shani. The names are as follows - Kangra, Pingal, Bhabru, Krishna, Rudranatak, Yama, Sauri, Shanashcher, Dhind, Pippa.

 4. Donate today donations. Donate black sesame, black cloth, blankets, iron utensils, garland pulses today. From this Saturn will be happy and will also give fruit.
5. If the monkey is the form of Hanuman ji, then in this way monkeys feed jaggery and gram. Every Saturday, read Hanuman Chalisa. By worshiping Hanuman ji, the person does not have to face Saturn defects.

  On this day, worship Shani Dev and offer them blue flowers. With this, chant Shani Mantra Oon Shank Shanishchai Naem 108 times from Rudraksh's garland. Do this every Saturday so that the shyness of Shani's body is removed from your head.

   After bathing in the morning, take a mustard oil in a bowl and see your face in it. Then donate this oil to any poor person. With this God will be happy and your destiny will change and obstacles will be far away.
 If you wish, take your morning morning bath to peepal tree. After that, circularly round the same peepal tree. Burns near the peepal tree in the temple. 9. Take water in copper lace and put black sesame in it. Then take this water on Shivling. By doing so, the person will be free from all diseases and will get rid of financial hardships with the grace of Bholenath.


Prem Mandir Vrindavan ,Mathura

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